Dear friend,

My name is Jess, lover, mother, yoga teacher and explorer. Diving deeply into my yoga practice both on and off the mat has carved a life unimaginable in its grace and purpose and its my humble pleasure to share this journey with you.

I have trained and taught Yoga and Meditation around this beautiful planet for 13 years and throughout my travels and wild experiences I have come to one resounding realisation…. that there is a fundamental and urgent need within all of us to reconnect, realign and to return to ourselves and toward one another.

In my classes, retreat programs and yoga teacher trainings I explore meaning and connection in movement, in breath, in meditation and community and then weave these symbiotically into the modern reality of navigating life…seeing who we are today, how we can accept, how we can forgive, and how we can evolve. It is through this practice that I feel connection and meaning is reignited within all of us. 

I  am a passionate yoga philosophy student with interests in many creative Yoga modalities and expressions from Asana to Music, Poetry and Ayurveda….However it is moving people to discover greater meaning in this world that really lights my life!

I do hope you can join me on this path of awakening and exploration, for I believe that we we are all conduits of love in its many manifestations and ready or not, we are here to make a difference in the world both for ourselves and for each and every one of us.

J xx